Whether your goal is to swim for fitness, recover from injury or compete in one of the increasing popular array of distance swim challenges both indoor and open water, VerinesVelo will work with you through structured training and detailed support to achieve that goal.

VerinesVelo have been teaching and coaching swimmers since 1990, from children through to adult we have helped hundreds of swimmers achieve personal goals along the way.

We can use that knowledge and experience to ensure all your sessions are progressive, challenging and focussed towards helping you achieve the highest levels of performance possible.

Whatever your fitness, experience, or ability level we guarantee the same focussed, individually prescribed training to work with you to achieve your goals, however small or seemingly unachievable they may be.

As well as our online coaching why not join us on one of our beginners, improvers, open water or marathon swim camps? We’ll collect you from the airport (Limoges) to┬ástay with us in our renovated farm house accommodation for an intensive training camp using local swimming lakes and 50m swimming pools. We will provide underwater video analysis sessions to help identify any technical improvements available and prescribe both land and water exercises and drills to make you the best swimmer you can be.

Try us, you’ll be amazed what’s possible with hard work, motivation, support and our knowledgeable, experienced coaching.