Whether your goal is to run for fitness, well being, weight loss or to compete in one of the increasing popular array of events (from 5km Parkrun to ultra marathon distance, and everything in between) VerinesVelo will work with you through structured training and detailed support to achieve that goal.

VerinesVelo have been competing and coaching runners for as long as we can remember helping hundreds of athletes achieve various personal goals along the way.

We are currently working with both male and female athletes of various ages towards achieving individual goals as varied as building run fitness to finish a local 5km all the way through to solo 24hr running races and multi day ultra marathons.

Whatever your fitness, experience, or ability level we guarantee the same focussed, individually prescribed training to work with you to achieve your goals, however small or seemingly unachievable they may be.

As well as our online coaching why not join us on one of our beginners, improvers or elite run camps? We’ll collect you from the airport (Limoges) to stay with us in our renovated farm house accommodation for an intensive training camp using our gym, treadmill, video analysis or the multitude of quiet roads and off road trails?

Try us, you’ll be amazed what’s possible with hard work, motivation, support and our knowledgeable, experienced coaching.