Price Plans

Online Coaching

We offer 2 options for online coaching, both using the excellent Training Peaks Coaching software to prescribe progressive training sessions based on achieving your goal.

All sessions are bespoke and individually designed by VerinesVelo to develop you athletically and mentally to achieve goals agreed between you and the coach.

There are no off-the-shelf packages or one-size-fits-all training plans, we firmly believe that athletes looking to embark on a coach/athlete relationship deserve to have their sessions planned solely for them.

The 2 levels of coaching that we offer vary only in the level of feedback and support available to the athlete, the quality of session planning being exactly the same.

The first level of coaching – ‘Stagiaire‘ – (£50/month) is for athletes who choose to have their sessions prescribed for them but don’t need (or choose not to have) the continuous feedback from their coach. They may be highly motivated, technically proficient but lack the knowledge to design progressive training plans. The coach will provide weekly feedback via Training Peaks, comments and phone calls to discuss progress.

The second level of coaching – ‘Routier‘ – (£70/month) is for any athlete looking for a fully supported training relationship. Like the Stagiaire level the sessions will be prescribed via Training Peaks Coaching software but each session will be reviewed and fed back, there will be unlimited access to the coach via text, phone, email whenever necessary. The Routier athlete will also be entitled to 25% discount on training camp packages at VerinesVelo in France.

The minimum period of coaching offered is 3 months (payable in advance), this is due to the amount of extra time required at the start of the coaching relationship to benchmark, devise the annual training plan etc. In our experience the vast majority of athletes stay on the ‘team’ for a number of seasons and develop as athletes with VerinesVelo making the minimum period unnecessary.