Testimonials – Hear what others say

I’ve been with Verinesvelo for the past season, In that time I must say that i have found working with Chris and the team a pleasure; I’ve always had feedback on all my sessions as well as advice as and when i have needed it. I’ve had two other coaches prior and neither of them were able to get the gains I’ve managed with Chris, My FTP has risen 18% as well as my Weight dropping 10%, In real world terms that has seen me go from outside the top 40 in a Small local race, to a top 15 in a national series event, As well as being ranked top 80 in the UK for my given Category. I’ve already committed to next years coaching, I’m confident that with VerinesVelo work, I’ll be able to reach the podium next season.
Ross – October 2015

I teamed up with Chris early in 2014, following two previous coaching experiences which were blighted by poor communication and late delivery of training plans. No such issues with Chris – communication was excellent, as one would hope, with high quality training plans consistently delivered on time and feedback likewise. In one season my 10 mile PB was cut by nearly 90 seconds – 21:43 in 2014, to 20:27 in 2015 (same course), 25 mile by nearly 150 seconds – 54:20 in 2014, to 52:43 in 2015 (same course), so the training was clearly very effective.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a coach for the aspiring time-trialist – in fact I’m sure we’ll speak again one day if and when I think more seriously about delving into the world of triathlon. I’ll always owe a thanks to Chris @ VerinesVelo.com and look forward to a spin (and a pizza in his homemade outdoor oven!) in the French countryside one day soon.
Niall Todd, Cornwall