Triathlon Coaching

Whether your goal is completing your first Sprint distance event or qualifying for Ironman World Champs in Kona VerinesVelo will work with you through structured training and support to achieve that goal.

Cycling Coach

At VerinesVelo our passion is cycling, whether it's a local sportive or charity ride, time trial, criterium, mtb or stage race we have the knowledge, experience and structured training to achieve that goal.


As an experienced swim teacher and coach at VerinesVelo we can help you. Whether it's to learn to swim, improve your stroke for better performance, complete a marathon swim or another goal get in touch.


Whether it's to gain fitness, run in the local Parkrun event, complete an ultra or anything in between. VerinesVelo have the knowledge and skill to help you achieve more than you thought possible.

Cycling & Triathlon Coaching

VerinesVelo are a Central France and online coaching company offering a wide spectrum of testing and training services including but not exclusively:

Training Plans, individually designed for you, whatever your goal, we can work within your time availability and external commitments to help you conquer goals you thought were previously unachievable. We use the excellent Training Peaks Coaching software package to prescribe training sessions, review session data and feedback to monitor progress towards your individually agreed goals.

Power/Wattage based training, I’ve been using power based training since my first Ironman triathlon¬†(Lanzarote, 2007) and was an attendee at British Cycling’s first CPD Workshop for coaching using power.¬† Through intelligent use of power based training, data analysis using Training Peaks and hard work we can help you achieve more than you though possible.

Maximum Heart Rate Testing, to determine your individual training zones, if you don’t know your training zones how can you possibly train your body optimally?

Bike Set-up and Advice, comfort and efficiency are key foundations on which we can build your athletic performance. Depending on the area of cycling or distance of triathlon you choose to compete we can suggest the optimal fit for your bike, the ideal 10 mile time trial set up might not be the best for you over an Ironman triathlon or long distance sportive.

Guided and Supported Training Camps, let us show you some of the quietest roads in France. We are based in the Limousin region in Central France, the roads are ideal for cycling (whether for performance or touring/base training) with great road surface, little to no traffic and considerate drivers. Choose between detailed route cards for you to self navigate a wide variety of routes of varying levels of difficulty or fully supported coach led rides and support vehicles where requested.